Astrology is Evolving and Changing

August 2, 2014 at 12:58 pm

The entire discipline of astrology has evolved so much since 2000 or so years ago. It has been a strange development, but modern zodiac signs are thought of in ways that are quite different than they have historically been. The zodiac signs are now more utilized for their prophecy telling, which is a far cry from what the original scholars intended. The following article is about astrology and the evolution of the discipline over the course of time. From a very serious coordinate system to an interesting game of personalities, it has been a long journey.

Origins of Astrology and the Zodiac

Despite the seemingly western roots, the zodiac signs were actually first developed in ancient Babylon. These peoples were gazing at the stars when they decided to create the zodiac signs, which were 12 different 30 degree segments across the sky. Their calculations were not as well recorded and discussed as some of the later scholars, but they were enough to create calendars and help provide the right coordinate system that was needed for the time.

After the Babylonians, the baton of study was passed to the Greeks. It was here that some of the most preeminent work was started. There were many people who studied Astrology at the time in the Hellenistic kingdoms, but Ptolemy of Egypt was the one with the most renown. His works on the origins of astrology made it possible for many people to understand the concept for over 1700 years.

Zodiac in Roman and Modern Times

After the Romans took over the zodiac signs, they started to increase the importance of the different figures attached to them and how they related to humans. The Latin names became the most prevalent and obviously it spread across the globe. Even in distant China, the zodiac signs were starting to take a new meaning.

It was not long before the middle ages and early modern eras started to morph the zodiac signs into something based more on the symbols than the coordinates. With this change came the importance placed on birthdays and the personality traits associated with each of the signs. Today, this is actually the most well known aspect of the entire zodiac calendar and astrology as a whole. While there are plenty of scholars on the subject, the general public often has little to do with this.