Confidence and Arrogance in Dating

August 15, 2014 at 11:17 am

When it comes to dating women, most men need to have confidence in themselves. There is no virtue that is built within a void, however. As Ralph Waldo Emerson repeats, one must consistently do the thing in order to have the power. Therefore, men must speak and be successful with women in order to have the confidence to speak with them. It may seem paradoxical, but it is not.

However, no matter how much confidence a man thinks he needs, it can easily turn into arrogance. There is a balance with all great virtues and finding that balance is the main purpose of life.

Building Confidence in Dating

Sometimes it seems like it is nearly impossible to build confidence when you have done nothing noteworthy. It is difficult to have the confidence to attract the most beautiful women when you have no experience. This is where having confidence in other areas of your life should really come into play. If you are a great musician or you have some great talent in another realm, it is this that you should derive your confidence from.

When you are confident in this way, you see yourself as enough for any woman. You are a great person for the reasons you contemplate and then there is no longer a barrier between you and another female. That is the great thing about self-confidence in all aspects of life.

Of course, when it comes to speaking to women, the only real confidence that you can have is that of your successes. The only way to get successes is to speak to the women that you have feelings for and see what happens.

Arrogance and Confidence

After a while, the success will lead to confidence, but it may also lead to arrogance, which is what every single person needs to be careful of. Having too much confidence in oneself can lead to this arrogant attitude that can be self-sabotaging in another way. Just make sure you are able to remain humble and you do not feel yourself superior to anyone else.

If you can avoid from feeling superior and you just steady increase your confidence on a routine basis, there is a good chance that you will be able to have many of the dating experiences that you have dreamed of.

What do men want? To have fun! Cute indoor dating tips

July 6, 2014 at 8:40 am

Sadly, with the financial situation most of us find ourselves in, it can be difficult to put on a good date. It’s horrible, right? The mistakes of others is costing us our present, our future and even our potential happiness!

It’s not right, and yes many people are struggling to meet others due to a lack of money. It’s sad but it’s also true. However, with a little creativity you can get over these problems in the dating world and create a truly exciting date! As much as men want respect and love, they also want to have fun too!

Just because you can’t afford to treat your date to a fancy night out on the own does not mean you need to turn the date into a “DVD Night” or something exhaustingly tedious like that. Once you have spent a considerable amount of time together, then that is more likely the way things will go. However, at first, make sure you try and stay inventive!

If you are running on empty with regards to date ideas, then fear not! We have compiled a list of three awesome date ideas that are bound to help you save money and have an awesome night all at once;

Introduce Them!

If you are planning on staying indoors, that does not mean you need to sit in alone together. Organize your date around an event or an invite to a party – you can have a good night, connect with others and let everybody know who your potential new partner is!

Social events are a great way to have a rare time without having to smash the bank. House parties are much more common today given the financial plight of just about everybody, so this works a charm to have fun and save a bit of cash.

Game Night

With the invention of games consoles and mobile technology, board games have died a death. However, many people still love these games from the old days – so why not crack out some of the old classics?

Games nights can be fun, it can loosen you both up, and it allows you a chance to see how your partner acts win a competitive environment! Winning a game always helps you win respect amoungst the guys.

Write Together

This is really popular between creative people. If you regularly discuss movies and television, or any kind of media, then you have a starter already. Why not try and piece together a script? Make sure it’s short, so you can do it in the night, and make sure to have a lot of fun while you are at it!

There are literally hundreds of way to go out and have fun in the world today, and you can bring most of it home with you! Don’t let financial scrimping get in the way, creative ideas will breathe a new vigor into you and your partner and help you really enjoy a night in together!

The Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

June 11, 2014 at 7:34 pm

unhealthy relationshipMarriage can only work if it is treated as a partnership. If only one person has their heart in it, it won’t work. It is important to know when your relationship is in trouble, and so today I will be speaking to you from people experience. From my life experience, these are the signs that a relationship is unhealthy. When you see these things happening in your own relationship, you need to act – fast!

You are struggling to communicate 

If the communication lines have broken down, then you need to immediately sit down and work things out. What does a communication break down involve? If one partner tries to talk to another, and they refuse to listen – that is a break down. If communication leads to regular fights, then communication is failing to happen too. If you don’t fix this, then you’ll not be able to have your needs met by your partner, and the relationship will fall apart. It will also lead to self-doubt.

Your partner doesn’t take an interest in your life

Do you come home, and ask your sweetie about their day? That is great. Do they ask you about yours? If they don’t, that is a bad sign. Relationships aren’t all magic – they take work. And when one partner fails to take an interest in the life of the other, it will lead to them feeling isolated and unwanted. When effort to get to know the other and stay in-touch with them isn’t happening, then the relationship has become unhealthy and destructive.

Unhealthy Relationship Signs

No sex – or other physical touch – for a long time

Do you live in a ‘dead bedroom’ house – i.e. a house where there is no sex? A healthy sex drive is an indicator of good health. Unless your partner is asexual or has always had a low libido, then this should be a troubling sign if you previously had a healthy sex life. This doesn’t mean that your partner doesn’t love you: it could mean that they themselves are in a bad place personally and that is why they don’t want to have sex. But a low self-confidence and depression will ultimately destroy a relationship, and this needs to be addressed.

How can you deal with these issues? Open and honest communication is necessary. Sometimes couples have communication break downs because they choose the wrong time to communicate with each other. If your partner has a stressful job, don’t approach them as they are just getting  home. Instead, run them a hot bath and make them a cup of tea. When they are relaxed, gently approach the issue without any blame or anger in your voice. This is a great way to open the lines of communication, and fix your relationship.

5 Places for a Great Date

April 29, 2014 at 12:16 am

Dating can be a very nerve-wracking process. If this is the first date, then even more so! You worry about your conversation patters – are they interesting enough? Are you making enough sense? – And of course the first date usually needs to go well. Too much dithering or the wrong choice of location could soon put paid to your hopes of a fun and interesting night out together!

Fear not, though, there is nothing to worry about. Below are five sure-fire places you can go on a date that are bound to be a hit! These creative and innovative options may not be for everybody, but they are a good starting reference to try and get you somewhere that is going to make your date an unqualified success!

Wine Tasting

If you are the cultured sort who likes to know what he’s smelling in his wine other than lots of booze, then wine tasting could be for you both. It’s a learning process for you both and it saves you putting your foot in it later in the night should you try and play the expert without knowing the full facts! Wine tasting can be fun, it can get you both loosened up and you can even come away with a little bit more knowledge than you walked in with!

Golf Range

Golf is obviously not for everyone – some people take it far too seriously – but it can be a very relaxing way to bond and have some fun together. If you know what you are doing, you can assist them in learning process and help them work on their swing, it could be a great bonding moment for you both.

Massage Parlour

This is on the extreme side but if you are the daring sort then it could be for you! Heading for a massage parlor gets you both relaxed down and comfortable, and it certainly sends some form of message out there. Again, maybe a little bit heavy for a first date but one if you are a by-the-throat type.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is the eternal first date! It’s pretty much guaranteed to go well, presuming you don’t cause some horrible ice skating related accident! Twirl around on the ice dancefloor all night, have a few laughs picking the other up and pulling off some Dancing on Ice madness, and perhaps the end with a little kiss? Always a good selection, it’s a great way to bond and have a laugh.

Cookery Lessons

Skip ahead from the usual awkward “romantic” meal where you both learn nothing about each other and struggle to maintain eye contact! A cookery lesson is one where you both need to work together as a team to create something well worth eating in the end. It’s a great way to bond and learn how co-operative you are together, and at the end of it you get an awesome – or horrible depending on how you both do – meal to enjoy!

Again, not all of these methods are for everybody, but they certainly offer food for thought and they are sure to at least give you some kind of inspiration, right?

Tips for getting women to respond to your online dating messages

March 30, 2014 at 8:25 am

When you are a female and you are looking to date online, finding a man to take you on a date is very easy. All you need to do is put your profile up, and you will receive a lot of messages. On the other hand, if you are a male, you need to be a lot more savvy. You can’t just expect women to start messaging you – you need to message them and be proactive. One problem a lot of men find is that the women they message received a flood of mail, and that theirs gets lost in translation. To get a response, you need to stand out – but in a good way. Here are some tips for getting women to stop ignoring your messages on online dating websites.

Tip 1: Stand out from the crowd and be different

Because the woman you are messaging probably has received a lot of messages, she doesn’t have time to read them all. Instead, she will only read the ones that stand out. Putting “hi, how are you?” is not enough. You need to do more. In your title of your message, show your confidence. Say something like: “You sound interesting, and I love interesting people.” Then, in your message, set a clear, definitive offer. Tell her you are interested, and then present a date that she cannot refuse. If you sound nervous, she will pick up on it. People liked to be wanted – so use that to your advantage.

Tip 2: Have a full, legitimate profile

The temptation to use an older picture of yourself with a younger you may be tempting, but I highly recommend you don’t do this. Why? Firstly, even if this does work to get you the initial date, she will be frustrated at how different you look in real life that it won’t matter. Secondly, we women can usually tell when someone is lying in their profiles. It doesn’t matter how well you think you can do this – we can tell. So stick to the truth, and let you sell yourself.

Online dating isn’t for everyone. But many people have met their life partners online – so if you can bring up the courage, I say go for it, you have nothing to lose!