“Sorry”: What it can do to save your marriage

December 4, 2014 at 2:58 pm

Saying a sincere “sorry” heals wounds and can save broken relationships.

“I would love and honor you in sickness and health. I’d be with you for better or for worse.” Have you already forgotten this promise you made to each other when you tied the knot?

arguing couple

Married life is not always smooth sailing. It is inevitable for couples to argue, disagree, and fight over certain issues.  But this should not be a sign for you to pack up your things and leave; for escaping a troubled phase in your married life will never solve your problems – at all!

Sadly, in many cases, couples would readily point an accusing finger at each other without even reflecting about their own faults.  One’s own judgment tends to be clouded by anger.  And when you are overwhelmed with anger, you are tearing yourselves apart.  Then, pride sets in.

Pride now becomes the stumbling block to a non-confrontational dialogue between the two of you. It is also pride that prevents you from saying ‘sorry’.  The thing is, the longer you hold on to that pride, the greater the rift and the deeper the hurt you cause each other.

Yes, it may be the most difficult word to utter, but making the first move to say you are sincerely sorry for your behaviour paves the way to reconciliation and healing of emotions. Asking for and accepting forgiveness is neither equivalent to losing your power over your spouse, nor a diminishing factor in your level of self-esteem.

a recon

Actually, the hardest part in asking an apology is in the “how to do it”, especially if the injury is severe.  Check on what writer Brooke Ryan’s recommendations on how to say “I’m sorry” and really mean it.

Most importantly, make it a habit to keep your communication line open at all times.  It is the key to a healthy and happy married life.  After all, there is no problem so big that cannot be resolved by sensible communication.


Vacations are fun with Paleo

November 4, 2014 at 5:45 am

Vacations can never be happier when spent together with your partner in life. Enjoying the sights together, exploring other cultures, and sharing local cuisines and delicacies with the one you love are excellent bonding moments away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

And you don’t have to be anxious about gaining weight a bit!

Not, if you follow the Paleo friendly diet all the way.

But what exactly is a Paleo diet?  Some people, when they hear the word ‘diet’. they often equate it with some temporary weight loss regimen, where super-low carbohydrates intake is a must, for example.  No. it’s far from that!

A Paleo diet approach does not require you to starve or stay away from good food.  Instead, it means that you only have to emulate the eating patterns that our ancestors observed when unprocessed foods were not the norm.

But this does not exactly mean you have to replicate the cavemen’s diet, though!

The Paleo diet consists of vegetables, meat, fish, and fruits that are more healthful to your body.  Its basic objective is for you to maintain good health, and not only lose weight.  It rather encourages you to eat whole, nutrient-enrich and nourishing unprocessed foods.  You can do this by opting to eat grass-fed and pastured products over those chemically-added and laboratory-concocted food products that most of us are used to eating.

A Paleo approach urges you to stop advocating toxic and genetically-modified foods, now rampant in every other supermarket in town.

And wait! Before you wonder whether Paleo foods are delicious or not, see some of the Paleo friendly recipes.

 Paleo recipe - veggie

Aren’t they enticing?  Well, every culture and cuisine all over the world offers these or even something equally mouth-watering dishes.  So, you need not worry about tipping the scale when you go back home.

Besides, many people who followed the Paleo approach have reported significant changes in ther general health and energy levels.  Evidence also shows that this ancestral pattern of eating helps reduce the risks of acquiring different ailments and disorders.




Vacations and Married Life

September 8, 2014 at 9:13 am

Any time you are interested in getting rid of stress and relaxing a bit, it is a good idea for you to focus on having a vacation that will make you feel a lot better. Sometimes this is not a vacation that is going to be the best spot you have ever dreamed, but instead it will be one that can save your married life.

The following article about marriage and how to utilize vacations in order to have a happy union can help you to better decide what you need to do.

Mutual Vacation Destinations

When both partners are stressed due to home responsibilities and work, it is a good idea to have a mutual decision for the vacation. This can be done by looking at many different options for each of the family members and then deciding based on that list what seems like the best idea for both. Even though it might not be the number one destination for each individual, it is one that both will enjoy.

Sometimes a male who makes the money at work will consider the money his and therefore the vacation is his decision. While this might be good for him, the female that has spent a lot of time at home working with kids and keeping a good home will get no input into the matter. This is a recipe for disaster waiting to happen.

By trying one simple exercise, you might be able to avoid problems when dealing with travel destinations. Just write a list of different places that you want to visit and then check that list with your partners and see which location shows up on both. That could be the one that you visit and there are no qualms that it is a mutual decision.

Vacation Time and Meals

There are a lot of different things that one can do to have a great vacation, but partners should also make decisions together when they are on the road. While spending time in a certain city every decision should be made together in order to get the best results from the vacation. Spending time doing things that each person wants to do is going to make it more relaxing for both so that coming home is not stressful again.

The vacation is supposed to be a break from the rigors of every day life that can put strain on a marriage. Although happy marriages are built on foundations far stronger than just a vacation, they are integral for better understanding how your partner things and relaxing so that you can maintain happiness at all times.

Keeping Secrets in a Marriage

August 29, 2014 at 11:29 am

Everyone has things that they wish others would not know or discuss. One of the biggest things that people do when they are in relationships is keep secrets for a long time. Sometimes it starts off because telling the significant other might not be a good idea for mutual feelings; the secrets can be a real problem once you get further into the relationship and still do not want to tell them about the problems that you have had. The following article is about how secrets can destroy your marriage and why you need to be open about them in order to have a happy marriage.

Keeping Secrets While Married

When you are married it is a good idea to share everything with your partner no matter how bad it might be. As they are now your immediate family, it is going to seem difficult for you to keep anything away or justify not being upfront with them. The secrets that you have from many years prior are not that problematic, but you need to make sure to confront them earlier rather than later.

If you keep secrets, there will be times when your partner feels more betrayed by the fact they did not know something rather than the content of the secret itself. Sometimes it is best if you just make sure they know everything about you before you offer to get married so that they have a fair chance to make some sort of decision based on those skeletons in the closet.

Taking Secrets too Far

The biggest problem that people have is when they have a small secret and there is fear that the partner will not accept it. When this is the case, the fear can prove so overwhelming that the secret is never mentioned. Sometimes procrastination is a major problem with marriage and relationships in general. One person has a secret and constantly tells themselves that it is better to tell their partner at a later time. Eventually that time never comes and it ends up going untold.

Secrets are not inherently bad, but when it comes to a married couple, finding out things that you should know about your partner can be devastating. It can lead to a lot of fighting, it can lead to misunderstandings, and it can ruin the happiness of your marriage. The misunderstandings that you might have because of a lack of knowledge of your secrets can be a huge problem.