Christchurch Art & Culture

August 12, 2014 at 12:45 pm

For visitors or even natives to Christchurch, New Zealand, sometimes it can come as a shock that there is so much art and culture located in this small city. Although it has been devastated by an earthquake in recent years, the city has reborn and is bringing art and culture to everyone including natives and tourists. Through the use of the following suggestions, you can see a wide variety of different art pieces and even become acquainted with some of the culture that is unique not only to New Zealand, but to Christchurch specifically.

Art Galleries in Christchurch

There are many different art galleries in Christchurch, New Zealand, but one of the famous is known as the Aigantighe Art Gallery. It is a very unique gallery that embraces many different unique and original types of art from a wide host of different creators. Many of them are from well-known New Zealand artists like Goldie and McCahon who have made names for themselves outside of the country. This gallery is one of high caliber and yet is very modest in structure and layout.

As well as the Aigantighe Art Gallery, there is the Little River Gallery, which is dedicated to showing the large amount of local artistic talent. This gallery is located on the gateway to Banks Peninsula and offers a great view from the outside and the inside.

Aside from the art galleries that are located in Christchurch, there are a number of other places for the culture and heritage of the city and region to come alive.

Markets, Entertainment and Festivals

Of course, the festivals are some of the best ways of being introduced to a culture and Christchurch is home to many. One of the best New Zealand Jazz festivals comes to the city in April and there is even an arts festival in August or September. Not only are there a number of festivals about artistic talents, but there is also a festival of flowers in February and a festival of transitional architecture for even more uniqueness!

The markets are another great place to visit for a real splash of New Zealand culture. The Riccarton Market is the largest outdoor market with more than 300 stalls. There is almost anything that you can hope to find in these stores and it will continue whether there is rain or shine!