How to improve your affiliate programs

November 23, 2014 at 5:36 am

Running a website primarily aimed at generating income through an affiliate program is not advisable.  It is better to build a website first, and if the product fits, you may add the affiliate programs.

Mary landers - affiliate programThere are at least two ways to make money from a website: through advertising revenue, and; by selling goods and services. It is true that anyone with a website, including newcomers, can get advertisers by joining as an “affiliate” of different sites or companies, either directly or through an affiliate network.

However, running a website with the single objective of generating income through affiliate traffic does not guarantee you of getting loads of income.  You will be spending more than earning commissions, unless you have a huge following and your website is updated regularly.  Let’s face it, the major problem with affiliate marketing is that you only get paid when people make a purchase.  In other words, you are totally dependent on the merchant to hold up their end of the bargain and pay you.

Nevertheless, if you are already into the industry, here are some tips that might help you improve your affiliate programs.

mary landers - sources of trafficCheck on the varied sources of traffic.  Determine which traffic source offers the best return on your advertising expenses.  What may do well on Facebook may fare poorly with a private media buy.

Keep an active communication line with your affiliates.  Do not just sit there and wait until you get one big promotion.  Send an e-mail to your affiliates regularly, say once a month, to engage and activate your program’s affiliate base.

Add a personal touch. Take it from Carolyn Tang Kmet, Groupon’s director of Affiliate Marketing.  She always ends her e-mail or newsletter to affiliates this way, “With Undying Love and Affection”.  Her signature somehow produces a rather personal impact.

When you create personal relationships with your affiliates, they would be more interested to work and promote you consistently. Aside from personalized signature, you may also share a personal story that can be associated with the topic of your communication.

Reach out to your affiliates.  If there is a chance for you to reciprocate the help you get from your affiliates, or to do something special for them, gladly do so.  It’s a great and effective way to improve affiliate relations.  It can even make your program stand out among the rest.