The Best Restaurants in Auckland

May 26, 2014 at 9:29 pm

Whether you are a regular of Auckland or you are visiting for the first time, one of the most staggering things about it is the sheer amount of locations you can go and pick up food. The selection is really extraordinary, from European cuisine to foods that come straight from Auckland itself, you will not be stuck for choice whether you are looking to try something new or keep to a familiar taste!

Every year, the restaurants are rated in lists by many sources throughout Auckland which can help you keep track of the best current restaurants. At the time of writing though, these are considered the top restaurants in the area;

The Grill

Voted the Cuisine NZ Restaurant of the year for 2012, it is one of the most celebrated restaurants in the country. Extremely popular and with a wide variety of foods priced at anything from $5-35 dollars, the selection of both lunch and dinner will give you hunger pangs just thinking about it.

It serves a variety of different meats and has a grand selection of wines. Well worth checking out if you want a fine cut of meat and a reliable meal.


This is an extremely cheap place to visit, making it very popular with students and locals. Nothing costs over $15, and the food itself is brilliant. The food is light and enjoyable, and the selections of alcohol make it well worth checking out for some excellent foreign tastes.

Whether you fancy some grilled fish or a traditional Mexican taco, you can enjoy the meals serves in here with ease. Value for money for sure, the food far exceeds what it costs.

Café Hanoi

A traditional Eatery, it serves a Vietnamese inspired menu which is truly going to spice up your night. Already looking like becoming one of the prime eating spots in the area, the food is well priced at anything from $25-$35 and you can get a really wide selection of spicy and vibrant meals.

From Pho Bo to caramelized pork hot pot, you can find some excellent traditional Vietnamese meals you simply would not try elsewhere! Well worth your time if you are looking for a cultured experience.

This is only a small selection of three very different restaurants – there are many varieties of foods from Asian, French, Indian, Kiwi, Vegetarian, the selection is absolutely limitless. Make sure that when you are in Auckland you make an effort to visit all of these locations – the food is truly astounding!