The Godley Head Track

March 16, 2014 at 3:30 pm

The Godley Head is, sadly, not actually named so because it looks like the face of a giant, spiritual overlord. No, it is named after John Robert Godley, and you can find Godley Head at the Port Hills. The area itself became most famous in the mid 1800’s as it started to see more people trading and farming in the area, especially with those just at Lyttleton Harbor.

Before long, the port was so overrun with ships that help was needed to correlate the operation. In 1865, a lighthouse was created here to ensure that people could trade and move properly from the ports. However, the lighthouse was eventually moved during the Second World War as it was in the vicinity of fortifications and cannons. The lighthouse was eventually electrified in 1946, and still stands today.

Godley Head has many wonderful sights to observe, one of the most popular being Taylor’s Mistake. A popular beach near Christchurch, this is a great place to start your long exhibition for the day, with many little coffee shops and brunch restaurants available to top up your energy reserves before moving forward. Once you have had a little bit of fuel ingested, why not take the hill out to the car park and make your way over to the Harris Bay Cave?

Whether you take the beach route or the road path, the Harris Bay Cave is well worth seeing. Make sure stick to the ridge as it can be quite steep, just keep following the goat track until you run around a wide piece of track to the left into the cave. Be warned – these caves play host to many pigeons, so be ready for a little influx as you try and enter! This is an ideal place to set up for the night or for fishing, so take advantage of this awesome natural hotspot.

Boulder Bay is another part of the walk you must take in – it plays host to some lovely locals who are more than happy to give out stories of the area and help you out in any way you need. The little cafes on the beach are well worth visiting too for a spot of lunch. This is a proper little area with so much heritage around it, you really need to speak to the locals to hear all of the brilliant tales.

This is not all, there is so much for tourists to see and do here at Godley Head, from the Summit Road just up from the car park at Godley Heads to the Frank Walters Shangri-La, you can get directions from any tour guide in the area and also the locals will be able to point you in the right direction.

The land is vast and thoroughly enjoyable to see and take part in, and the locals are genuinely lovely people who can give you any assistance you might need. If you are a tourist out this way, then check out the Godley Head walk – it’s more than worth taking in.