Vacations are fun with Paleo

November 4, 2014 at 5:45 am

Vacations can never be happier when spent together with your partner in life. Enjoying the sights together, exploring other cultures, and sharing local cuisines and delicacies with the one you love are excellent bonding moments away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

And you don’t have to be anxious about gaining weight a bit!

Not, if you follow the Paleo friendly diet all the way.

But what exactly is a Paleo diet?  Some people, when they hear the word ‘diet’. they often equate it with some temporary weight loss regimen, where super-low carbohydrates intake is a must, for example.  No. it’s far from that!

A Paleo diet approach does not require you to starve or stay away from good food.  Instead, it means that you only have to emulate the eating patterns that our ancestors observed when unprocessed foods were not the norm.

But this does not exactly mean you have to replicate the cavemen’s diet, though!

The Paleo diet consists of vegetables, meat, fish, and fruits that are more healthful to your body.  Its basic objective is for you to maintain good health, and not only lose weight.  It rather encourages you to eat whole, nutrient-enrich and nourishing unprocessed foods.  You can do this by opting to eat grass-fed and pastured products over those chemically-added and laboratory-concocted food products that most of us are used to eating.

A Paleo approach urges you to stop advocating toxic and genetically-modified foods, now rampant in every other supermarket in town.

And wait! Before you wonder whether Paleo foods are delicious or not, see some of the Paleo friendly recipes.

 Paleo recipe - veggie

Aren’t they enticing?  Well, every culture and cuisine all over the world offers these or even something equally mouth-watering dishes.  So, you need not worry about tipping the scale when you go back home.

Besides, many people who followed the Paleo approach have reported significant changes in ther general health and energy levels.  Evidence also shows that this ancestral pattern of eating helps reduce the risks of acquiring different ailments and disorders.