What do men want? To have fun! Cute indoor dating tips

July 6, 2014 at 8:40 am

Sadly, with the financial situation most of us find ourselves in, it can be difficult to put on a good date. It’s horrible, right? The mistakes of others is costing us our present, our future and even our potential happiness!

It’s not right, and yes many people are struggling to meet others due to a lack of money. It’s sad but it’s also true. However, with a little creativity you can get over these problems in the dating world and create a truly exciting date! As much as men want respect and love, they also want to have fun too!

Just because you can’t afford to treat your date to a fancy night out on the own does not mean you need to turn the date into a “DVD Night” or something exhaustingly tedious like that. Once you have spent a considerable amount of time together, then that is more likely the way things will go. However, at first, make sure you try and stay inventive!

If you are running on empty with regards to date ideas, then fear not! We have compiled a list of three awesome date ideas that are bound to help you save money and have an awesome night all at once;

Introduce Them!

If you are planning on staying indoors, that does not mean you need to sit in alone together. Organize your date around an event or an invite to a party – you can have a good night, connect with others and let everybody know who your potential new partner is!

Social events are a great way to have a rare time without having to smash the bank. House parties are much more common today given the financial plight of just about everybody, so this works a charm to have fun and save a bit of cash.

Game Night

With the invention of games consoles and mobile technology, board games have died a death. However, many people still love these games from the old days – so why not crack out some of the old classics?

Games nights can be fun, it can loosen you both up, and it allows you a chance to see how your partner acts win a competitive environment! Winning a game always helps you win respect amoungst the guys.

Write Together

This is really popular between creative people. If you regularly discuss movies and television, or any kind of media, then you have a starter already. Why not try and piece together a script? Make sure it’s short, so you can do it in the night, and make sure to have a lot of fun while you are at it!

There are literally hundreds of way to go out and have fun in the world today, and you can bring most of it home with you! Don’t let financial scrimping get in the way, creative ideas will breathe a new vigor into you and your partner and help you really enjoy a night in together!